Sound System Allows Deaf People to Experience Music Like Never Before
August 15, 2016,
KQED Future of You

Seniors Go Virtual to Relive Pain, Loneliness
July 27, 2016, KQED Future of You

From the Olympics to the NFL, the Future of Training is Wearable Tech
July 15, 2016, KQED Future of You

The 10,000 Year Clock (book excerpt)
February 2, 2016, Hazlitt

A Bright Approach to Brain Implants
January 22, 2016, Wall Street Journal


Anybody Out There?
The first in a two-part series on the search for life in space, starting with the hunt for a “second genesis” in our own solar system.
July 4, 2007, East Bay Express

There's No Place Like Home?
The second half of the life-in-space series, focusing on the search for other Earth-like planets, and what all of this has to do with Goldilocks.
July 11, 2007, East Bay Express

The Case of the Missing Web Page

Is there free political speech on social networking sites like Facebook? I’d like to tell you, but ... mffffprhhgl.
November 29, 2006, East Bay Express

SWM Seeking Alien Hottie
Craigslist …. in … spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!
April 20, 2005, East Bay Express

Bug Juice
Looking for a way to power hydrogen fuel cells … using termite guts.
September 7, 2005, East Bay Express

Great Expectations

Why do zoo elephants keep killing their own offspring?
June, 2003, Smithsonian

Kernels of Truth
Scientists thought they could keep genetically engineered corn from cross-pollinating with native plants. Well, maybe not.
May 29, 2002, East Bay Express

The Pentagon Goes to the Video Arcade
The military’s quest to turn shoot-‘em-up gaming software into the ultimate training tool.
July, 1999, The Progressive


A Cure for All That Ails You?
Is freezing your kids’ umbilical cord blood a potential lifesaver, or just another expensive birthday present they’ll never use?
August 22, 2007, East Bay Express

The Fragile Ones
A gene mutation called Fragile X Syndrome may help researchers unlock the secrets of the cause of autism. Kids like Lucas Clark, who have both, will their Rosetta Stone.
April 19, 2006, East Bay Express

Live, Fast, Die Old
Calorie restrictors chew their way to eternal life, one plateful at a time.
January 18, 2006, East Bay Express

The Making of a Martyr
The life, death and politicization of Holly Patterson, the first American woman to die after using RU-486 (medical abortion.)
December 17, 2003, East Bay Express

Misery Without Borders
HIV and the migrant farm worker.
February 16, 2001, East Bay Express


Dealing in Death
Meet the nation’s second biggest dealer in crime guns. Then learn where three of those guns went.
July 5, 2006, East Bay Express

What A Steal!
Psssst, ladies! Wanna buy a fake designer handbag? I infiltrate the secret world of counterfeit purse parties.
November 3, 2004, East Bay Express

The Afghan Connection

Was this jewelry store owner and hawala operator just trying to help Afghani and Pakistani-Americans wire money to impoverished relatives back home, or was he funneling money to a heroin ring? A curious case of the murkiness of money transfer to the Middle East in a post-9/11 world.
October 22, 2003, East Bay Express

Trailers Are for Travelers
How three Irish Travelers cruising the country in an RV raked in nearly $1 million by pulling a bar-code scam on Home Depot.
September 10, 2003, East Bay Express

The Talented Mr. Young
The Fifth Top. The Imitation Temptation. The con man who has made a career of pretending to be Motown legends.
March 27, 2002, East Bay Express


Hogs of War
Riding pillion with the Patriot Guard Riders.
July 2006, Mother Jones

Creatures of the Night
Is sneaking pink plastic flamingos onto people’s yards in the middle of the night a business model? Apparently, yes.
April 26, 2006, East Bay Express

The $10 Million Woman
The strange travels of Picasso’s “Lady in White,” an oil painting looted by the Nazis during World War II.
August 4, 2004, East Bay Express

Catch Me If You Can
How members of the Bay Area’s Philipino community helped take down a con woman who was running a Ponzi scheme on them.
May 12, 2004, East Bay Express

The Secret of the Santa Maria
In the seventeen years Margaret Brandeis spent hunting for the wreck of the Santa Maria de los Remedios off the coast of Ecuador, she encountered scheming rivals, poisonous sea snakes, crooked diviners, witches, mutinies, and parasites. And that wasn’t even the weird part.
July 16, 2003, East Bay Express

It Was A Dark and Stormy Month…
The year National Novel Writing Month broke.
December 19, 2001, East Bay Express

Rocky Nights in San Leandro

Can a movie about cross-dressing transvestites from space be good clean fun? A case study in what happens when three undercover cops turn up at an unusually wild showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
April 6, 2001, East Bay Express


Love At First Byte

A profile of computer science pioneer Donald Knuth, author of The Art of Computer Programming, and first-class sweetheart.
May, 2006, Stanford Alumni Magazine

Remote Control
Meet robot artist Ken Goldberg, a guy who is too smart for only one career.
November 11, 2005, East Bay Express

Talking Head for the Undead

Professor Paranormal sees dead people. Or at least, he smells them.
February 5, 2003, East Bay Express

Eric Mills and the Horse He Rode In On

California’s one-man animal rights activism team takes on the rodeo.
June 4, 2003, East Bay Express

2-C-T-7’s Bad Trip
A profile of psychedelic chemist Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin, and what happened when one of his lab inventions ran amuck.
May 1, 2002, East Bay Express

Madam Middle

Back in 2001, people thought Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher might be the Democrats’ first female presidential candidate. A profile of a party’s rising star.
June 8, 2001, East Bay Express

The Collectors
Bruce Woodbury and Enid Westberg own the world’s largest collection of smiley faces. And that's just the tip of their collecting iceberg.
January 22, 1999, East Bay Express